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Picking train

The first wagon has an adjustable support leg. Usually a BAB picking train consists out of 4 wagons, but longer is also possible. All 4 are different and adapted to their position in the train. A picking train of 4 wagons is about 12 meters long and suitable for 8 pickers.


  • platform height 21 cm
  • wheels behind bin
  • mudguard from left to right
  • wheels 18×9,50-8 6 ply
  • bins 1,0 x 1,2 meter and 1,2 x 1,2 meter
  • rim mounted on axle with 4 bolts
  • total width 1 meter
  • color green RAL 6018
  • width adjustable sides


  • Galvanized instead of painted
Position Article number
1 110-001-001 Front cart with drawbar with fork and jack.
2 110-001-002 Standard cart, if the number of carts changes, it will happen with this one.
3 110-001-003 This one must always be placed as the penultimate one and has a raised drawbar at the rear.
4 110-001-004 It can only be placed at the rear, since it has no drawbar at the rear,
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