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Hercules C

The ultimate aerial platform

The HERCULES is a platform designed and built by BAB.
The first design was done in 2005 and redesigned in 2016 (called HERCULES C) with modern up to date technologies , this to full fill the new needs and norms.
It will give you maximum performance in harvesting, pruning and any other type of work to do in the orchards.

Click here to see the BAB Hercules C in action.

Standard machine

  • Engine:
    diesel engine Kubota 4 cylinder 26 hp water-cooled
  • Fuel:
    75 liter fuel tank with level indicator, pre-filter with water separator, feed pump and fine filter
  • Traction:
    permanent 4 x 4 traction: mechanical or hydraulic
  • Control:
    joystick with electric control and integrated dead man switch
  • Hydraulic system:
    drive hydraulics: Danfoss pump H1 45 max. flow 120 l / min – 300 bar and Danfoss piston motor H1 with 2 speeds
    work hydraulics: Hydac valve block for hydraulic operation and gear pump 8 cc or 11 cc, max. 180 bar
  • Transmission:
    heavy-duty front and rear axle with planetary reduction on the thru axle
    front and rear axle connected with high speed cardan shaft
    both axles are equipped with limited lock integrated in differential
  • Speed:
    low speed 0 to 7 km / h
    high speed 0 to 11 km / h, here there is only 2 wheel steering with automatic rear wheel alignment
    electric gear shift without neutral
  • Control:
    3 control modes:
    2 wheel steering with automatic rear wheel alignment
    4 wheel steering close turn
    4 wheel steering dog walk
    automatic alignment system integrated into the axles during 4 wheel steering
    maximum steering angle of 38°
  • Parking brake:
    automatic parking brake in oil bath that is built into the rear axle’s thru-axle, when stationary it is automatically engaged
  • Wheels:
    10.0 / 75 x 15.3 8 ply traction
  • Curb weight:
    3000 to 3500 kg, depending on the options
  • Maximum load:
    2300 kg
  • Dimensions:
    plateau: length of 4.2 meters and height adjustable up to 255 cm with double scissors
    width hydraulically adjustable from 1.6 to 2.6 meters
    machine: contact us for more information about this


  • Option 100:

    maximum height 290 cm instead of 255 cm.
    length plateau 465 cm (extendable part)
  • Option 101:

    rollers for bins width adjustable for different sizes of bins.
    can be easily built off after harvest
  • Option 110:

    wheels: 31×15,5-15 8 ply BKT tracmaster
  • Option 111:

    wheels: 280/70-R16 BKT RT765 traction.
    mounted on rim W8 x 16 with adjustable track
  • Option 131:

    air-compressor 650 liter with air-tank 50 liter , electrical engaged.
    control unit for pressure setting and water separator.
    4 removable air connections in the middle of the platform
  • Option 135:

    additional air-tank 50 liter
  • Option 140:

    table with 4x airconnection for pruning with pressure gauge tool box
  • Option 150:

    front elevator (max load 600 kg)
    adapted for bins
  • Option 160:

    rear elevator ( max load 600 kg)
    double rollers , outside row in width adjustable.
    control in the back off platform
  • Option 170:

    platform width from 180 (closed) to 340 cm (open)
  • Option 180:

    automatic steering with mechanical sensing arm.
    sensing arm in width adjustable with hydraulic cylinder.
  • Option 185 INOVEL:

    automatic steering with sensors left – right.
  • Option 188 GO-TRACK:

    automatic steering with sensor Line assist.
  • Option 201:

    cruise control additional to auto steer.
    set speed will be remembered after changing of line.
    fine tuning of speed with additional turning knob.
    start – stop function: machine can be stopped and restarted.
    digital read out of set speed in km/h
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